Zombie Housewives/Models Interview

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Review from Ginny @ Urban Girl Reader

from Ginny @ Urban Girl Reader

Ginny’s Review:
While this is definitely not a romance (not so far, and I shudder to think of how it would be) I couldn’t resist something with the title “Zombie Housewives”. I think it’s one of the more interesting pieces that can be construed as “Women’s Lib” writing in a while.
You have the stories and perspectives of several different women here, all of whom are repressed in one way or another by their male counterparts and all of whom wake up one day to looking absolutely terrible (as in skin-falling-off terrible) and slowly losing their ability to talk, reason and move with grace.

This is a very short but fascinating read and I know there will be more, which I will continue to keep an eye out for.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Review from Corazones Literarios

from Corazones Literarios (A Spanish Speaker)

My Thoughts 

Well, I'm not really into the zombie thing, the death people eating humans are not for me. However, I pick up this book because the twist it has... Housewive turning zombies! How cool is that?! So I started this book thinking it could be fun but, not that much! And that's not bad at all
Zombie Housewive is about three women whom are over of their marriage and husbands. They are always working or playing guitar with band mates or fighting in Afghanistan to care about their families. So this women see each other in the difficult position where they love their husband but want to leave them...
I think mostly of the novel remain the fact that women become zombies when they're into a marriage they don't want or where they find drawing deep down with not surface to land. The author really made a allegory about it! Which is really sad... I really understand the point of view of this women and the fact that they want to pursuit they own dreams. However I'm really sad for Jennifer and her childrens.
I really like this book even when the genre is not my favorite. Is a really lightly novel. You'll not going to laugh but to considered the hard life Housewive have! Is really enjoyable! Recommended!

Review from Meghan

from Meghan @ The Girl in the Blue Mask

on Zombie Models

Neither one of these lovely young ladies 
could have imagined what their day would 
end up being like as they headed to Excited 
Modeling on Lincoln Street that morning.

I actually thought this would be a separate story 
from the first and, while reading Zombie Housewives, 
I was racking my brain thinking of all the ways the 
models could turn into models: same brand of tainted makeup, 
hair spray, tanning lotion, etc. Turns out it is a continuation, 
like a second chapter in a novel, but still good. 
According to the book description on Amazon, this is a 
"stand-alone" novel, but I really don't feel like it is one 
because, without the first book ("chapter"), 
you have too many questions as you read through this one.

I'm actually curious to see how far this story can go and 
would like to see this series go further.

Review from Bookie Monster

from The Bookie Monster. com

Zombies!!  Ahhhh!!  In this novella we see a brief glimpse of three, very bored, very unhappy, housewives in suburbia.  Who knew that doing the dishes could be hazardous to your health?! I may never hand wash dishes again!

After each of them has an argument with their husbands, they wake up the next day thinking it’s just going to be another mundane dayin the neighborhood.  But each of them is afflicted with strange symptoms and decide to head to the local clinic to get checked out….this is where the real fun begins!  And just because they are zombies doesn’t mean they’ve forgotten how bored and unhappy they are in their lives.
This is an extremely quick read and thoroughly enjoyable.  It’s not a dark zombie tale of survival; it’s a snippet into the lives of these three women once they come down with a strange virus that turns them into zombies.  Don’t go looking for anything deep and philosophical here because you won’t find it.  But, if you are looking for a quick, enjoyable read… this is your story!

The ending leads you right into it’s zombie sequel… Zombie Models. 

Review from Meghan

from Meghan @ The Girl in the Blue Mask. bloodspot.com

Life - and marriage - isn't perfect, especially for 
these three women. That night, when they were 
arguing with their husbands, neither could have 
foreseen the next day being much worse or how 
bad that "much worse" could be.

The description of the problems in each house
 were well written. And pay attention - if you do, 
you may figure out what the cause is before the story tells you.

I found this story to be quite funny. Don't know
 if I was supposed to, but I did. It was a fun short read. 
I want to say "cute," but that can't possibly be the right 

word for a zombie story, could it?

Review by Deb Sanders

from DebSanders. com

Zombie Housewives is a New Adult thriller
 about three frustrated women who contract 
a virus which turns them into zombies. 
Sounds like a typical zombie tale, right?  

Well, don’t misjudge this short novella 
because of its length or subject matter. 
This is not “Walking Dead”. It’s chock full of surprises
 including fascinating characters who will tug 
at the inner angst of most female readers.

Think Desperate Housewives with rotting flesh. 
Campy, fun horror. Zombie Housewives is an 
interesting tale, well written with snappy dialogue. 
If you take the “zombie” part out, Ms. Blackwelder 
has penned a great story about life, forgotten 
dreams and flat relationships. And, of course, 
learning to deal with a less than attractive skin disorder.

Zombie Housewives is not thought provoking, nor 
do I think it was intended to be. It IS a fun read for
 that short time when you’re waiting at the doctor’s 
office or in the carpool lane. If you like it, 
don’t miss the sequel, Zombie Models