Zombie Housewives/Models Interview

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Review from Corazones Literarios

from Corazones Literarios (A Spanish Speaker)

My Thoughts 

Well, I'm not really into the zombie thing, the death people eating humans are not for me. However, I pick up this book because the twist it has... Housewive turning zombies! How cool is that?! So I started this book thinking it could be fun but, not that much! And that's not bad at all
Zombie Housewive is about three women whom are over of their marriage and husbands. They are always working or playing guitar with band mates or fighting in Afghanistan to care about their families. So this women see each other in the difficult position where they love their husband but want to leave them...
I think mostly of the novel remain the fact that women become zombies when they're into a marriage they don't want or where they find drawing deep down with not surface to land. The author really made a allegory about it! Which is really sad... I really understand the point of view of this women and the fact that they want to pursuit they own dreams. However I'm really sad for Jennifer and her childrens.
I really like this book even when the genre is not my favorite. Is a really lightly novel. You'll not going to laugh but to considered the hard life Housewive have! Is really enjoyable! Recommended!

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