Zombie Housewives/Models Interview

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Review by Deb Sanders

from DebSanders. com

Zombie Housewives is a New Adult thriller
 about three frustrated women who contract 
a virus which turns them into zombies. 
Sounds like a typical zombie tale, right?  

Well, don’t misjudge this short novella 
because of its length or subject matter. 
This is not “Walking Dead”. It’s chock full of surprises
 including fascinating characters who will tug 
at the inner angst of most female readers.

Think Desperate Housewives with rotting flesh. 
Campy, fun horror. Zombie Housewives is an 
interesting tale, well written with snappy dialogue. 
If you take the “zombie” part out, Ms. Blackwelder 
has penned a great story about life, forgotten 
dreams and flat relationships. And, of course, 
learning to deal with a less than attractive skin disorder.

Zombie Housewives is not thought provoking, nor 
do I think it was intended to be. It IS a fun read for
 that short time when you’re waiting at the doctor’s 
office or in the carpool lane. If you like it, 
don’t miss the sequel, Zombie Models

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