Zombie Housewives/Models Interview

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Review from Bookie Monster

from The Bookie Monster. com

Zombies!!  Ahhhh!!  In this novella we see a brief glimpse of three, very bored, very unhappy, housewives in suburbia.  Who knew that doing the dishes could be hazardous to your health?! I may never hand wash dishes again!

After each of them has an argument with their husbands, they wake up the next day thinking it’s just going to be another mundane dayin the neighborhood.  But each of them is afflicted with strange symptoms and decide to head to the local clinic to get checked out….this is where the real fun begins!  And just because they are zombies doesn’t mean they’ve forgotten how bored and unhappy they are in their lives.
This is an extremely quick read and thoroughly enjoyable.  It’s not a dark zombie tale of survival; it’s a snippet into the lives of these three women once they come down with a strange virus that turns them into zombies.  Don’t go looking for anything deep and philosophical here because you won’t find it.  But, if you are looking for a quick, enjoyable read… this is your story!

The ending leads you right into it’s zombie sequel… Zombie Models. 

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