Zombie Housewives/Models Interview

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Review by Mythical Books

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Can Zombies be used as part of an allegory?

How appropriate and easily digestible would be
 such an apologue for the readers who usually
fall into two distinct categories: those who read stories
about zombies and those that are looking only for,
let’s say, the message... Amy Blackwelder had the
courage of such approach of the zombie phenomenon
 and, in my opinion, Zombie Housewives should
please both categories. The writer succeeded an
 excellent balance: there is enough gore, enough
suspense and enough “zombie character” for the
 first category and for the second one there is a
disguised social analysis and a disguised message
for those that are "trapped" in an unhappy marriage.

History and happiness (more correctly lack thereof)
of three neighboring couples, each with its own
different problems are not the cause that generated
 the plague - because this cause is one terrifying
by how absurdly banal it is, but the mandatory
and contributory factor that triggers the "disease".
Frustration, the feeling of incompleteness and finally
 ... the misery of married life may make us monsters
 and this time, to sound the alarm, the transformation
takes place literally.

Another author’s success is the way in which the minds of
 Crystal, Jennifer and Carrie apprehend and how they think.
The passing from one state to another occurs in limits
that are… logical, normal, possible, the eventual
exaggeration being used on purpose having the role of
emphasizing an idea or another.

I also liked the fact that Zombie Hosewives meets the
criteria required to be a truly short story, featuring a
small cast of named characters, and being focused on
a self-contained incident with the intent of evoking a single effect.

I could even say that it is a good anecdote. Anecdote
that is defined as "„a short and amusing but serious 
account, which may depict a real/fake incident or character”
even if in our case the funny part is not in the frontline,
but only in the substrate, in the absurd of the story.

I liked it, try it!

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